Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Science and Religion are Incompatible

One thing that bothers me about theologians is when they argue that religion and science are compatible. This belief is simply untrue, as are many beliefs of scholarly theologians.
Here are a couple simple reasons why:
1. The universe is 17.7+ billion years old, thus the probability of a transcendent revelation occurring within the last 10,000 years, let alone 2000 years as Christian faiths proclaim, is tremendously unlikely to put it lightly.

2. We live on one planet orbiting a single star. This one star is only one among hundreds of billions in the Milky Way galaxy alone  And this galaxy is one in a universe of billions more galaxies just as massive as our own. 
               Seems a little self-centered of people to claim we understand the origins of all that we know when we are only a speck on the canvass of existence.  

3. There is not a SINGLE shred of evidence for a god of any sort. There have been thousands of various gods worshiped by humans and thousands of different religions. By pure probability, the chance that any one religion knows or even comes close to true understanding of a metaphysical conscious entity is almost zero. 
               So many religious people today discredit all of these other gods but believe in their own and claim this is reasonable, but it simply is not. Religions evolve and change as society and culture changes. This is why a book such as the Bible many have been considered to be the perfect truth or moral word 2000 years ago, but today numerous parts of it are considered barbaric and evil. Society develops its own set of morals and values based on maximizing the well-being and happiness of as many people as possible. That is after all, the ultimate goal. 

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