Thursday, March 27, 2014

Size of the Universe

Another video that puts the size of the universe into perspective.


It's common to feel insignificant after watching videos such as these. After all, we are unimaginably small when compared to our cosmos, and seeing it on this grand of scale can be frightening. We feel centered and significant when confined to our own solar system around our sun. Yet there are still countless more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on earth!

        So what does this mean for us as humans, as we live our lives daily. Does this mean that we are insignificant, worthless, and meaningless creatures that were an anomaly of space, time, and matter? Does it mean that we are simply pre-programmed particles, sending electrical pulses between brain neurons to control how we act and think, creating an illusion that we have conscious thought? This builds foundation for what I believe are the two most basic and essential questions of life.
       1. How did we come to exist?
       2. Why did we come to exist?

        These two questions I believe are the foundation behind the knowledge needed to fully understand the correct way to live here on Earth (if there is one). Over the next few weeks I will be introducing more videos and text to explain why these two questions are the essential questions of life, and also to demonstrate the strides that modern science has made in answering these questions, while explaining the setbacks caused by religion.

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